Monday 1 August 2011

Poster Boy

I'm always banging about the Merseytravel's Art on the Network programme, and none of you seem to care.  The posts remain comment-free, they get low page hits; frankly I think you people would be far more interested if I wrote about the art in my own bathroom.

Fortunately, thanks to the lovely Emma, the Public Arts Officer at Merseytravel, I can now combine the two.  I've said before how much I like the series of posters being used to advertise the competition, and Emma sent me a rail poster of my very own:

How cool is that?  Thank you Emma!  Now I have to find a frame big enough to hold it (it's HUGE) then I can hang it alongside my Centre of the Universe poster.

And remember, there's still time to enter the Art on the Network competition - a month left, in fact.  Come on!  You can do it!


Mike said...

Poster Boy, I'm sorry I've not commented before but I really enjoy your posts about the art on MersyRail. As a former resident of Chester its good to see the beautification of Merseyrail, Living down Sarf now its a shame SWT don't do something similar. Love the Blog keep up the good work.

Mike (sheddriver) (don't ask its a long story!)

peezedtee said...

I have always loved the art deco transport posters of the 1930s and these new ones are brilliant re-interpretations of same. Kudos to Merseyrail.

Scott Willison said...

I feel guilty now for browbeating you into commenting, Mike. My desperate need for validation apologises.