Sunday 8 April 2012

Sweet Spot

Good news for hypoglycaemic trying to avoid slipping into a coma on the train to Ainsdale: there's a new MtoGo at Moorfields.  Of course, the very first MtoGo was in the Old Hall Street exit, but this one has been installed in the main ticket hall.

As usual, the Colour Tsars have had a field day.  There are all the expected gubbins - sweets and crisps and bottles of pop - in addition to the boring old train ticket stuff that they have to sell.  Funny how Merseyrail decided to double the retail offering just before the number of passengers using the station gets a massive boost with Central's closure.  What a coincidence.

Much as I like MtoGo (it's a properly interesting concept, and unique to Merseyrail), I was sad that this shop meant the end of the final Mersey Bookstall shop on the network.  Poor buggers, operating from a hatch in the wall.  They didn't have fancy yellow ties and automated next customer signs.  You were lucky if they weren't on a tea break.

Progress, eh?

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