Sunday 15 September 2013

Epilogue: Facts and Fancies

It's taken me a while but yes, that's the whole Esk Valley Line finished.  Apart from Marton and Gypsy Lane, which will have to wait for another time.



Total stations visited: 18
Distance traveled by rail: 308 miles
Distance walked: 19 miles
Distance traveled by bus: 49 miles

Best station (architecturally): Middlesbrough
Best station (location): Commondale

Worst station (architecturally): Redcar Central
Worst station (location): Castleton Moor (though to be honest, none of them were that bad)

Best places to visit: Grosmont, Whitby, Egton
Worst places to visit: Middlesbrough, Ruswarp

Best place for a pint: The Postgate Inn, Egton
Best place for a pint so long as that boring twat isn't there: The Duke of Wellington, Danby
Best place for a cup of tea: The tea room at Pickering

The Epic Journey With No Purpose In Full:

Prologue: There and Back Again

Day One: Great Ayton & Battersby

Day Two: Kildale & Commondale
Day Two: Nunthorpe, Castleton Moor & Danby
Day Two: Lealholm, Glaisdale & Egton

Day Three: Grosmont & Pickering
Day Three: Whitby, Ruswarp & Sleights

Day Four: Redcar British Steel
Day Four: Redcar Central

Days One to Four: Middlesbrough


The excellent Esk Valley Railway website
The North Yorkshire Moors Railway

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Anonymous said...

Worst location - Castleton?!?! Down by the river, in the valley, between the moor and the village? Are we talking about the same Castleton? And this from one who went to Great Ayton which is basically a station in a hedge and BSC Redcar which, by your own admission, is in an industrial desert! Are you *sure* about this?