Monday 11 February 2013

Second Time Around

Back in November I posted a video of James Street being refurbished.  It was blurry, noisy and slightly rubbish.

So here's another one.

The best thing about the whole refurbishment programme is that the original, Victorian tiles have been revealed.  I didn't realise they were still there.  I'd assumed that the 1970s renovations were so "scorched earth" that they'd been ripped out and thrown in the nearest skip.

It also raises a sad and worrying question.  Are they just going to be covered up again?  Are we going to have to wave goodbye to that wonderful 19th century decor again? 

I'm guessing the answer is probably "yes".  It's always cheaper to just stick up a new look over the top rather than carefully restoring what's already there.  The white tunnel linings already seen across the Underground stations will sit quite happily over the top of these walls, leaving them for when there's actual money available to restore them properly.  As you can see from the video, the space where the Mersey Bookstall once stood has been bricked up in a fairly slapdash fashion - they're clearly not bothered how it's going to look.

I really, really wish this wasn't the case.  I wish this platform was being restored to its full glory.  I wish it was being cleaned up, the tiles repaired, modern but in keeping replacements found for those that were dumped in the Seventies.  I wish it was Liverpool's version of Baker Street's Metropolitan Line.

There's still a couple of months for me to be proved wrong.  Sadly I think that when Platform 3 reopens it will be clean, modern, and a little bit charmless.

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Andy said...

I agree Scott. I went through there for the first time since they started the James Street referb today, I was amazed at what was revealed under the 70's tat. I guess it's too much to hope for Liverpool version of a LT Mettopolitan Line styled Baker St Station. The brickwork and tiles etc must have some kind of preservation order/listing building protection? I guess like yo say, under the new white clean Merseytravel referb, the lovely old station architecture will still be there......unless?