Thursday 5 July 2012

Travel Advice

This weekend, the Wirral loop under the city centre is going to be closed.  It's to help with the works at Liverpool Central, so presumably they're up to something particularly exciting - is it too much to hope that we'll see some of the new cladding come Monday?

It does mean that James Street becomes the start and finish for the Wirral Line, giving us a rare opportunity to use Platform 2.  This is the old Liverpool bound platform, left over from before the Loop was built, and is probably the most interesting one on the network - not just because it was untouched by the 1970s refurbishments.

For this weekend only you can get up close to Dream Passage, Tim Chalk and Paul Grime's 1992 artwork.  This fascinating piece regularly catches passengers attention from the opposite platform, so you really shouldn't miss the chance to see it properly.  It's a fantastic work that rewards close examination - it's full of quirky details and ideas.  I got a good look back in 2009, when Network Rail were upgrading the Loop's track, and it was great.

Do yourself a favour and get on the train this weekend to have a look.  You'll have to buy a ticket to get down there, but for £2.80 you can have a good nose at a piece of rarely seen artwork, ride a Merseyrail train, and cross under the river and back - not bad value.  You could even treat yourself to a coffee and a sandwich at one of the lovely cafes at Hamilton Square (try Station, next door, or Home in the Ferry Terminal).  Make a day of it.

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