Wednesday 2 November 2011

Room at the Top

Merseyrail have announced their new boss, and I for one welcome our new railway overlord.  His name is Maarten Spaargaren, and he looks like this:

I have to be honest - there was a part of me that was worried that the departure of Bart Schmeink would mean the orange influence on Merseyside would disappear.  I nervously anticipated the appointment of a "Bert Carr" or a "Sean Druckett" or a "Philomena Mellencamp" and we'd go all boringly English.  But no: with the arrival of Maarten we have a man whose name is so Dutch it should come with a free bunch of tulips and some pornography.  I couldn't be more pleased.

Sad though I am to see the great Mr Schmeink leave, I look forward to the arrival of the Spaargaren Regime at the end of the month.  I'm available for a pint of Grolsch any time, Maarten.


Jamie said...

I'll lay good money he'll be at least 7ft tall.

Captcha for this comment: cumboy. Thanks, Blogger.

Maarten S said...

It's 1,90m, to be precise ;-) So about 6ft3?

Anonymous said...

Can this be true?1? You've already got the man himself following the blog and providing emoticons?!?!

More Dutch running Britain's railway network please!

Ruud Gullit said...

I see that you are now the top 2 Google results for "Sean Druckett" and "Philomena Mellencamp".

More importantly, and I can't quite believe this after all this time, you've achieved top 2 status for the phrase "Merseyrail flip flops" as well.