Tuesday 29 November 2011


I don't cycle.  I haven't ridden a bike in years.  In fact the last time I rode a bike was on my BMX when I was about 14.

I will say, however, that if I did ride a bike I would follow certain fashion rules.  No lycra, for one.  No tight spandex.  No shiny fabrics.

And unlike this gentleman I spotted at Hamilton Square station, I'd wear socks that matched.

Or am I just being picky?

Incidentally, while I'm very glad that Merseyrail is so cycle friendly, is there some way we can make them take the lift from the platforms?  I'm getting a little tired of having wheels shoved in my face on the escalators.  Thank you.


Anonymous said...

And I'll add a question about whether there's a way we can ask RPI staff to follow the company's own advice about escalators while we're at it. A huge throng of burly thugs (male and female!), must have been about 15 thick, at Lime St this afternoon, dawdling, shouting, laughing, taking up the entire escalators. For goodness' sake, STAND ON THE RIGHT to allow people to WALK up the left. It's not hard.

Scott Willison said...

Don't get me started on people who stand on the left on escalators. They should all be shot. Couples holding hands, women gossiping together, men lost in their iPod - every one of them should be mown down. I'm tempted to start carrying a scythe and just slicing my way through them.

Anonymous said...

Have you not thought of cycling between stations on Tarting missions? I'm not expecting to see a photo of you all decked out in spandex while standing in front of a platform sign somewhere, although that of course would be a bonus.

Scott Willison said...

For so many reasons: no.

Ian Jones said...

I actively seek out people who stand on the left of escalators, just so I can loom up behind them tutting and muttering, shout EXCUSE ME, then push them into their proper place.


Anonymous said...

The trouble is, this was MERSEYRAIL STAFF. Not just any staff either, but pretty much the whole compliment of revenue staff - the ones employed precisely because they are intimidating. I wouldn't ask one of them to move, put it that way. Although I do agree about the scythe.