Monday 10 May 2010


This is something to play with on your tea break: can you name every Merseyrail station in ten minutes?

I did my best, but I only managed 64 out of 67. I have a mental block about the top of the Southport line, for some reason, and I missed one station on the Ormskirk line (I'm not saying which one - no hints!). I'm particularly annoyed about the second one because I used to go past it all the time!

Let me know how you did, but no cheating. And be warned: if you did better than me, I might have to block your IP address, you smug git. You've been warned.


gottago said...

AAAARRRGGGHHH! I could only manage 37! I thought of a load right at the end as well!

Robert said...

I was doing really well but then went completely blank and couldn't think which one I'd missed (Moreton, as it turns out).

Still, got the first 66 in just a shade over three minutes (would have been faster but it took me a few seconds to realise that Fazakerley is spelled wrong on the quiz!)

dreadedvacuumflaskmonster said...

did it in about 5 minutes, but as Robert says they've spelt Fazakerley wrong. Not unknown. When GM Buses competed against Merseybus in the city during the mid-90s, the GM destination blinds spelt it "Fazackerley" to much hilarity in the Liverpool Echo!

Anonymous said...

I got all in 4 mins 22 secs!

Would've been quicker still if it hadn't been for Hillside... Aargh!

Anonymous said...

I only got 37. Hardly worth bothering. I'm off to search the internet for Cameron/Clegg slash fiction instead.

Roy McNeil said...

GM Buses also spelt Kirkby as Kirby