Friday 20 May 2011

Wales: A Train Odyssey

Head down the Wirral Line, right to the bottom, and you hit Chester. There are three routes you can follow now, according to the Merseyrail map. South, to Wrexham and Shrewsbury. East to Crewe.

Or West, past Shotton, and out to the "North Wales Coast".

I started thinking: if I was going to complete the Merseyrail map, maybe I should be including everywhere on it. Every place mentioned.

Which is why I found myself at Chester station, with a backpack of clothes, a couple of Ordnance Survey maps, and a North & Mid Wales Explorer ticket. I was going to follow the line, visiting every station en route, and tracking its progress from Holyhead into England.

It's a long trip, I'll warn you now. Four days of train travel, 85 miles, five blisters, three hotels, and sixteen stations. I'll split it into a number of posts, over the next few days. I hope you enjoy it...


Anonymous said...

Don't leave putting the posts up too long, though. Surely you don't want to be raptured before you've given us full details of your trip to Abergele & Pensarn?

Dan said...

And also your inevitable encounter with Bigfoot at Flint lol