Saturday 14 August 2010


Oh dear. Followers of my Twitterfeed will be aware that I've had an accident. Thursday morning, I went to take out the bins. I took one step out my front door and my foot went over on itself. I thought I'd just bruised it, but when the side of my foot started to swell and the pain didn't go away, I took a trip to casualty.

Turns out I have broken my fifth metatarsal (the same as David Beckham, celebrity injury fans). So I ended up looking like this:

The plaster's gone now, replaced by a big clunky boot shoe which holds the foot in place, but I'm still on crutches and wincing every time it moves. It's really quite annoying, and it's put a real crimp in my tarting activity. I've already had to cancel a trip to London next week. I was planning on working my way down the East London Line, the new, gleaming extension to the Overground, but it's going to have to wait now. I can't tell you how disappointed by this I am.

So basically what I'm saying is, bear with me. I'll be away for a while - unless I can think of any little posts I can do without leaving the comfort of my sofa - but I promise I'll be back. Don't go anywhere!


Dan said...

How about posting an updated map? You can't have many stations left to cross off now.

Mwmbwls said...

Get well soon.
from all at London Reconnections

Roy McNeil said...

If you ring Merseyrail they will help you around there stations! You could even ask them to get those ramps out for you!!!!

Scott Willison said...

Thanks for the well-wishes :-)

I'm tempted to go out to test the "disabled access" claims of Merseyrail... then I think I could just stay at home watching Homes Under The Hammer...