Thursday 9 June 2011


Let's see if this works, shall we?  I've had to change blogging software as my old program seems to have gone down the drain.  I've had to download a new one so, hopefully, the weird formatting and spell checks will be a thing of the past.  Possibly.  I'm just trying to avoid using Blogger's very basic online editor.

So anyway: to the fulcrum of my gist.  The third in Grant Searl's Animate the Underground series has been unveiled at Hamilton Square.  This one is called Garden of Icons, and it's the best one yet.


It leaps out on you.  One minute you're walking up the yellow melamine corridor from the platform, surrounded by the usual 70s Merseyrail underground...


...then suddenly you're surrounded by greenery.  It's the best location yet, and makes me wish that James Street's One Life One Love One Liverpool had been similarly sited.  It's much easier to appreciate it when you're right up close, and it breaks up that dull yellow mass.

The theme this time is "Liverpool's icons", and there's a fair few of them in amongst the topiary:


By my count, we've got:

- the Superlambanana;

- a Liver Bird;

- one of Antony Gorman's iron men from Another Place;

- the Yellow Submarine;

- a Diddyman, complete with jam butties;

- one of the Go Penguins;

- E. Chambre Hardman's camera and photos (just off the screen).

I'm not sure who the thin man on top of the bush is; anyone know?  I'm also surprised by the lack of St Helens' Big Giant Head, or Dream, or whatever it's called.

With the new artwork, we also get a new riddle:


I'm no good with riddles.  The Bf and I spent last night debating what it might mean, and we've got no clue.  We'll have to wait until the fifth clue is unveiled for us to get the full picture.  I can't wait now.  The quality of the works is improving every time; Moorfields and Central should be brilliant.


gottago said...

Nice. They should do something like that to all of those hideous walls.

I can't edit the post anymore but I can't click the pictures to make them bigger now! :D

Anonymous said...

St Helens isn't Liverpool mate.x

Scott Willison said...

It is Merseyside though...