Friday 29 July 2022


I hate it when people do posts about why they haven't been blogging.  Nobody cares.  You're not Charles Dickens.  People aren't gathering on the docks at New York to welcome your latest missive.  You're just a twat with a laptop.

However, it occurred to me that it's nearly two months since I posted on here, and I wanted to clarify why.  It comes down to a few things.

1) I went on holiday.  Italy, very nice ta, visited Matera where they filmed No Time To Die, didn't do anything train related so didn't bother writing about it.

2) I got Covid.  Probably from being on EasyJet.  Nothing bad, just a bit of weariness, but it did mean I was trapped inside for a fortnight.

3) The strikes.  I'd like to make it clear that I absolutely support the right of the railway workers - and any other workers - to withdraw their labour in search of better pay and conditions.  It's the only recourse some employees have to achieve action and we'd be well to remember that before we start getting in scabs or banning strikes or sacking people for attending picket lines.  However, it does mean that I've been loath to book a train because I'm afraid it's all going to get cancelled and I'll lose my money.

4) The Commonwealth Games.  I really don't fancy heading to the West Midlands while they're at the centre of an international sporting celebration.  There will be too many people, too many events, New Street will be a nightmare, and there will be loads of railway amateurs standing vacantly around the concourses and platforms not knowing how stuff works.  

5) The Skelmersdale extension being cancelled by the Government.  I was going to write a bit about that but it was so fucking depressing I couldn't bring myself to bother.

So basically I'm probably taking the summer off, unless something exciting happens, or I get a mad urge to dash out.  This does happen now and then.  All being well, I'll be back being annoying in September.  After all, Birmingham's got some glam new stations for the Games, and I'd like to check them out when they're free of tourists.

P.S. Thank you to the people who have continued to contribute to my Ko-Fi even though I haven't written anything.  You are treasures.

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