Sunday 26 April 2015

An Englishman In New York

It's been very quiet round here this month.  The first reason for this is I was ill in the first bit of April, meaning a trip to Leeds had to be abandoned.  (It was actually the second time circumstances meant I couldn't visit Cross Gates, making me wonder if someone's trying to tell me something).

The other reason for my absence from this blog is I've been on holiday.  A week in New York.  And you'll be happy to hear I visited loads of stations while I was there, and I'm going to tell you all about them over the next few days.  Consider this a warning.  I'm about to do the 21st Century equivalent of a very long, very tedious slide show all about my holidays.

If this sort of thing is of no interest to you, you probably should go away until about mid-May.  Sorry.

(Photo taken in the Dining Hall of Grand Central Terminal, though the main point of interest is of course the woman dressed as Big Bertha from Renegade in the background)


Andy said...

Excellent!!!! I wish I had my DSLR camera when I visited NYC about 7 years ago, in particular Grand Central. The Subway kind of confused me (you have to think numbers rather than lines), looking forward to reading about your trip :)

David said...

Hope you visited both the Campbell Apartment and the Oyster Bar at Grand Central!

Dirk Mayer said...

It's probably a bit odd to comment on an 8 year old blog post but since I'm reading your posts in chronological order I've only just got to this one.

That bit about Big Bertha gave me a good chuckle. You've mentioned owning a Speccy in your youth in previous posts - I wonder if you're aware the sequel to one of the Speccy's most iconic games, Jet Set Willy, was conceived in Birkenhead? There's quite a few rooms in the game which reflect this, as was later revealed by the programmers themselves: