Monday 6 April 2015

Ambush Makeover

So.  You've got a fleet of trains that, if they were humans, would be balding and have little pot bellies and would be making "aaaaah" noises every time they sat down.  The polite thing to do would be to send them out to pasture, but you can't afford to replace them.  What to do?

Why, give them a make over!

First Merseyrail applied vinyl to the side of their trains, to make them look peppier.  Now the interiors are getting a new look as well.  I rode on one last week, and I'm happy to report they've been done well.  It's not as radical a change as the one a decade ago - it's purely cosmetic - but it's made the trains feel fresh and bright again.

The new moquette on the seats is very nice.  Yellow and grey, obviously.  Was there ever any doubt?  Big orange strips have been applied to the doors as well, just so you know where to get off.

The most radical improvement is tucked between the seats though.

A bin!  An actual bin!  About time too.  It probably won't make much of a difference - for some reason, Merseyrail's passengers treat their trains like the floor of a cinema; chuck anything down there, someone else will pick it up - but it's nice to see.  If it swallows up just a few of those errant Metros, it's more than paid back the investment.

(Yes, that's two posts about trains in a row.  Don't worry, I'm doing a bit of station collecting later in the week).

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Andy said...

I have just travelled on a 'refreshed' 508 unit, agree with the interior (though it 'failed' at Hooton, so had to wait for the next E Port train to get me to Liverpool. I presume they are sprucing up the lot?

I'm not sure what on earth has happened to the new trains, my understanding (though I could be wrong) is that they have to be delivered by 2018, and there was talk of London Overground 'Blade Runner' stock, tagged on to the end on LT's order.Surely these 508's must be the oldest trains in service (apart from the sad old pacers).Great blog, sorry this post is about trains!!! :)