Monday 23 December 2013

All Good Things...

Nothing lasts forever.  This is a basic fact.  Everything must die.

I accept this, but I don't like it.  Some things should go on and on and never stop.  Like Bond films.  And Bernard Cribbins.  I sort of know they're going to finish eventually, but I'm happy not knowing where or when it'll happen.

When there's a finite limit, I become anxious.  I get sad.  I get moody.  It's the difference between knowing you're going to die and knowing when you're going to die.

I bring this up because Ian is at number 149 in his countdown of 150 Great Things About The Underground.  One more to go.  One more wonderful, carefully written, thoughtful piece about something I love.  

Ian and I have become friends over the last couple of years, entirely through the power of blogging and the internet.  You could say that I'm biased, but our friendship is based on the fact that I love his writing.  It was only later that I found out he's a top bloke as well.  I'm still annoyed that he abandoned his Twenty Five Years Ago blog.  His music is also fantastic - he has a whole album of great, soulful songs you can listen to here.  

Ian told me that he knows what number 150 is going to be, but he won't tell me what it is.  I don't want to know.  Part of me never wants to read entry number 150.  While it's incomplete, it never ends.

Read the whole of the tribute to a transport titan here -

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