Monday 10 December 2012


Here's the thing: I'm not going anywhere.

I shouldn't have given that impression at the end of the last post.  As regular readers (hello you!) will know, I am prone to bouts of depression and misery.  It's one of those things that makes me the special snowflake I am.

Sometimes it spills over into the blog, though I try to stop it from doing so.  The last post was one of those times.  I'd had a long stressful day.  Anytime I can't stick to my planned out itinerary I become anxious (the week before I had to skip out of a showing of Skyfall because we missed the time we'd planned; if I'm missing out on a Bond film, you know it's bad) and the whole East Coast fiasco was preying on my mind.  Sitting on that lonely station at Bishop Auckland I felt down and miserable, and writing it up a few days later, I felt down and miserable again.  I should have ended on an up note.  A knob gag or something.

Point is, I'm sorry if I got you all sympathetic, and lovely though your comments are, I'm thoroughly embarrassed.  Even the promise of a hug off a certain reader hasn't quashed the shame.  I promise it wasn't a begging post looking for ego-boosts, honestly.  If I was after that I'd have just posted a naked pic (HAHAHAHAHA).

Today I booked a trip for next week, just before Christmas, so I can collect half a dozen stations on the other side of the country.  So please check back to read the write up of that journey.  I'm not going anywhere.  Except Lincolnshire.

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Andy Howe said...

Hey Scott, Glad your carrying on with your travels, really enjoy reading it, great work :)).
Now serious business, hope yo can help. Charles Holden, Architect Design Genius, taken as read. I'm really into B/W fine art photography, and fed up with getting soaked on Crosby Sands/Southport/New Brighton etc with my camera, so decided early in the new year to go and admire, and get some arty shots of some fine examples of Holden's amazing work on LT underground stations. I have read your write ups on the Piccadilly line, so I really think I should go to Arnos Grove, as this is on of the best examples, could you advise on any others? (I think Park Royal looks way cool too-but right at the other end of the Piccadilly?). I need some shots of Battersea Power Station as well as St Pancras, might struggle to fit all this in in one day. Sorry for asking about LT stuff on your blog, but I recon your the guy to ask. Cheers, Andy :))