Wednesday 27 April 2011

(Royal) Icing On The Cake

There's a royal wedding on Friday; don't know if you noticed. They're keeping it very low key.

For us Northern types, the opportunity for celebration is slim. We can only share in the joy of two posh people getting spliced via our televisions, huddled in the light of our plasma screens and waving Union Jacks in our front rooms. Perhaps you've organised a street party; if so, I am judging you right now.

Merseyrail has given a select few the chance to profit from the event however, and is offering free travel on the Bank Holiday for anyone called William or Kate (or Catherine, or Katherine, or - and I don't approve of this - Kathryn). Just show up at the ticket office with proof of ID and you can merrily whizz away on the trains. Very handy if you're a staunch republican and want to get away from it all for nothing - first train to Formby and you can settle on the dunes and pretend it's just another day.

Personally, I'm staying at home and watching it with the Bf and, saints preserve us, the Bf's mother. So I'll probably be drunk by midday and asleep during the reception. Just like every other wedding I've attended, really.


Anonymous said...

Teen-travels on a MerseyRover :

my first "gay blow-job" was given in a loo on a Preston-Crewe Inter-city. I say "gay" as I swing both-ways ! I must have been all of 15 !

Now who claimed train-spotting was boring ?

Robert William Hampton said...

One of my cousins is named Kathryn.

The small print on the poster says "First name only" which annoyed me no end.

Littlewillow said...

I feel the need to possibly go on a train tomorrow just because I can for free :)