Wednesday 27 August 2008

Is this what Kerry Katona feels like?

I bought this month's Modern Railways magazine for one reason, and one reason only.  No, it wasn't the 40 page supplement on Derby's railway heritage, shocking though that may seem.  I bought it just to revel in my moment of fame.  I had been faithfully promised that the list of winners to their compo would be printed in the September issue, and where was I?


I scoured that bloody magazine, looking for my name.  In fact it took me a whole half hour of scouring before I realised what a shameless fame obsessed ego centric media whore I had become.  I felt ashamed.

Actually, that last bit's a lie.  I didn't feel ashamed.  I should have done, but I didn't.

Vanity, where is thy sting?

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