Thursday 17 January 2019

Feedback Loop

I've actually started on the trains now - and thank you for your comments telling me I've done the one nice bit and it's all downhill from here on - so there's an important question to be asked: what do we call the blog?

Back when I started this little side project all those years ago it was called Round the Merseyrail We Go.  I didn't think much of it.  It was just something to go at the top.  Then, when I expanded the remit, it became Round the North We Go.  That lasted for years, even when I was wandering round Metrolink, because Manchester is still the North.

Now I'm in the Midlands and I'm in a quandry.  Do I change the name again?

Friend of the blog Jamie, who designed the header image, very kindly sent me a revised one when I decided to do the new map.  It's got the logo, it's got the corporate colours, it's got the mission statement, it's got the smily train and the two gays with their bunch of flowers.  It's perfect.

At the same time, I wonder whether changing it is right.  "Round The North" included Merseyrail, Northern, and Metrolink.  Changing to "Round the Midlands" feels like it would be disregarding that decade of travel.  It'd be making only the latest mission the important one.  But it would also be far more accurate and up to date.

Part of me, filthy southerner that I am, also sees the Midlands as the North.  I mean, it's all above the Watford Gap isn't it?  So I could just stick with "Round the North" and stuff it.  It was Round The North We Go that got nominated for awards and made it into the Guardian, after all.

Alternatively, I could get rid of the problem altogether.  Make it Round The Rails We Go.  I'll never need to change it again, so when I start doing GWR or whatever in the late 2030s I won't have to go digging around in the code.

What do you think, Constant Readers?  I'm interested in your opinions because I am so torn.  I don't know what to do.  I'd run a poll, except whenever I do that I almost inevitably want to go with the option that lost because I'm a bloody minded twat who doesn't like doing what he's told.  Instead, please comment below, or message me on Twitter.  All options are welcome.  Except for "delete your account".


Anonymous said...

Not sure about a change of name, but here's a replacement for the happy train.

Before privatisation, West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive (WMPTE) marketed itself with a Humpty Dumpty-like character, imaginatively called Wumpty.

On occasion, Wumpty even escaped into the wild.

GRaham said...

Round the rails sounds fine

Anonymous said...

I'd leave it as it is - glad you're blogging again !

Anonymous said...

Round the Stations?

Anonymous said...

All the stations. Done properly.

David said...

On and off the Rails

Plymothian said...

I would go for simply,


Subheader: Capturing rail maps, one station at a time.
Subheader 2: West Midlands Rail
Then (in grey): Metrolink, Northern Rail, Merseyrail.

Therefore, if you ever go on to another TOC it's name can replace WMR.
WMR then joins your history alongside Metrolink etc