Sunday 8 February 2015

Rose Tinted Windows

Making things better on Merseyrail doesn't have to mean stripping out Hamilton Square and rebuilding it from scratch.  It can be small, happy, relatively cheap improvements that make you smile.

There's one of these at Bidston.  The station was refurbished last year, and a new, warm glass shelter was constructed.  That was already a great improvement on what was there before.  It's been knocked up a notch, however, as black and white photographs of the station in its past have been added.

They're opaque, so the waiting room is as bright as it was before, but now there's a little bit of history to look at while you sit there.

It's not much.  A tiny gesture.  But it's lovely, and the passengers I saw at Bidston on Monday seemed to appreciate it too.

A small plaque records that the photos are from the collection of a Dr B W L Brocklebank.  Thank you, Dr Brocklebank, and thank you Merseyrail and Merseytravel,

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Patent Attorney said...

Well the yellow chairs must make waiting a bit more of a cheery activity!