Tuesday 22 February 2011

Righting A Wrong

Readers with long memories will recall I visited Parbold station back in - blimey - August 2009. At the time I managed to make a hash of the Merseytart/sign photo, because I had my eyes closed and I generally looked like an arse.

Well, that's been corrected now. I was in Parbold yesterday visiting my best friend, Jennie. She's currently pregnant, and so between anecdotes about her womb antics, we trotted out to the sign for a snap.

The lovely little lad I'm with is Jennie's son, and my Godson, Adam. Part of the reason I was visiting was to bring him his birthday gifts - he's just turned 8 - a Lego Space Shuttle and a complete set of Charlie Higson's Young Bond novels. I don't care if he's a bit too young for them - 007 indoctrination has begun!

Incidentally, I passed through Southport station en route (though not through the ticket barriers, so it doesn't count as a Tart). It's a lot nicer since the last time I visited - lots of glass, bright new signs, an M to Go, a cycle store. But they have got rid of the ALF! Sacrilege! There are big signs saying "Welcome to Southport", but I don't care. I must register my absolute disgust at this development, and I may have to nip back with a felt tip to draw some sand castles on the new signs.


Anonymous said...

It does sound like something from one of Delia Smith's recipes

'The potatoes should be parbold before placing them in the roasting tray...'

Mark "Square Loops" said...

Southport ALF was still in place for some time after the attraction it represented was relocated to Blackpool. Think it was called the traumatiser.

When you do the doodles for the replacement you could do rocking chairs and other such racey infrastructure!

Mark "Square Loops".

Roy McNeil said...

I can't really think what they could put on an ALF for Southport. Maybe lots of old people complaining about the youth of today, 15 year olds throwing upon Lord Street or Steven Gerard beating peeople up in a bar?