Monday 8 February 2010

The Random Utterances of a Diseased Mind

I'm all about Web 2.0. Twitter, Skype, all sorts of stuff like that. I whizz through Grindr and I update my Facebook with my blog and then I watch YouTube videos and basically, I rule.

In keeping with my commitment to the 21st Century, I'm pleased to announce I now have a Tumblr page as well - a place where I'll post random pics, videos, just general stuff I like. Basically, it's blogging for when I'm too lazy to blog. You can see it here.

In other words, if you ever feel like cyberstalking me, what with my Twitter and my Facebook and my Formspring and my Livejournal, it's become a full time job. You'd have to take a couple of days off work. It does mean that I can now operate almost exclusively online now, though, and so I'm able to abstain from real life completely. Nice.

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Michael Mouse said...

I like this site for 2.0 stuff