Tuesday 18 April 2023

K Hole

Picture the scene: a signwriter's, somewhere that's definitely not Merseyside.

SIGNWRITER A (putting down the phone): It's another commission from Merseyrail.

SIGNWRITER B: Oh Christ.  What do they want now?

A: New signage for Birkenhead North station.  It's been done up.

B: Well, that's not so bad.  Birkenhead and North are words I'm familiar with.  I can spell them, no problem.  It's not like when they told us to make a sign for "Meols".  I'm still not sure that's a real place.

A: Not so fast.  They want signs to point to the ends of the line.  New Brighton...

B: Fine.

A: ...and West Kirby.

B: West where?

A: Kirby.

B: Bloody hell.  Not that lot again.  I'm still annoyed they sent back all the signs for their other station with that name.  How was I meant to know they spelt it with an extra K?  Fine, we'll do it, but no refunds this time.  If they don't like it they can bloody well put the signs up anyway.

Cut to the overbridge at Birkenhead North.

Someone get round there with a tin of grey paint, please?  It's been like this for aaaaaages.


The Shillito said...

Is it still graffiti and/or a crime if you're fixing a spelling mistake?

Luke O'Rourke said...

It was like that in March/April last year when I was on The Wirral visting family while on a visit from Australia!

David B said...

You're lucky it doesn't say "Ticket's".

Honestly, does nobody proof-read anything any more?