Tuesday 8 December 2009

Thick Head

I'm currently working my way through a hangover. Last night Robert and I went out for a meal and a couple of drinks, and the couple of drinks turned out to be a couple of bottles of wine. Each. It all ended up a bit messy, anyway.

On the plus side, I finally got a look at the new M to Go in Liverpool Central. It's very impressive; plenty of space inside, light and airy. There's a nice big range of food and drinks though unlike Southport, no bakery.

Nice tree, too. Its glam modernity does look a little bit out of place in the Seventies-o-rama of Central, though. Sort of like R2-D2 in a Jane Austen.

Call me cynical, but I very much doubt all six of those tills will ever be in use. Even in the old Central ticket office, I don't think all the windows were open. And those terminals that let you surf the Merseyrail website are cool as well.

Oh, who am I kidding? I have absolutely no memory of visiting Central. I only realised I'd been there when I saw the pictures on my phone. The M to Go could be staffed entirely by hobbits and smell like an inside out dog and I would have no clue. I'll have to go back when I'm a bit more sane to make sure it isn't actually vile.

So here's your lesson, kids: don't end up looking like this.

You'll only regret it in the morning.


Unknown said...

Nice photo! I use this MtoGo quite a lot, and agree it's very spacious and modern! Like you, I doubt those six tills will ever be fully manned. The most I have seen on is 3. Merseyrail's new uniform also seems to be somewhat in use here. Although only a few people seem to be wearing it, so thumbs down there for lack of consistency!

Anonymous said...

All the full time shop staff are wearing it, with the whole company following in February. There have been a few "don't look now, but all 6 tills are on!" moments :)

Unknown said...

Great. I like the new uniform, it's rather like something you may spot on ITV's Airline, but it's proffessional and classy. I've spotted it occasionally at Hooton! I also noticed a planning application from Liverpool City Council strapped to a lamp post outside Central asking for any possible objections to the 'Improvement and Extension' of Liverpool Central Station....

Scott Willison said...

I'll definitely have to look at this brand new uniform. What was wrong with the old one though? They'd only had it a few years. Is this what my Council Tax pays for?

I'll take your word for it with the six tills being open at once (cough) ;-)

The planning application seems to be this one:

Application Number - 09F/2665
Site Address - Central Station, Fairclough Street, Liverpool, L1 4ED
Proposal - To carry out improvements and alterations to Central Station, including a 3 storey extension at the rear to provide additional retail floorspace and new linkages into the approved Central Village scheme (Additional information received - Transport Statement, see website).
Applicant - CRLP (c/o MPMLLP)

which has been put in by the builders of the Central Village scheme behind. Since Merepark (the developers) have spent about five years diddling with the various parts of the project without actually building anything, I'm not holding my breath.

Michael Mouse said...

When are you going to update your Merseyrail map showing your crossed off stations?

Scott Willison said...

The only things that have changed on the map from the last time I posted it is the whole Borderlands Line is done. I'll repost it next time I do some more stations.