Monday 30 March 2009

Take that, Colour Tsars!

I have referred to the Colour Tsars many times in my posts. These are the men at Merseytravel who have issued a diktat that everything on the network must be grey and yellow. Benches, signs, staircases; all in the corporate colours, whether it's appropriate or not.

So I was amused to spot that someone at the Highways Department hasn't had the memo, and has put up a very wrong sign right on Moorfield's doorstep. You're getting a black and yellow M, and to hell with your Corporate Identity! Ha!


Robert said...

That's been there for ages, I'm surprised you've only just noticed it!

There's a road sign in Upton pointing the way to the station, complete with old-school MPTE logo: -- I assume rebranding has been overlooked since Upton isn't part of Merseyrail proper.

Scott Willison said...

I have spotted it before but I've never had a chance to snap it!

I pass the Upton "clockwork" signs every week when I go to Sainsbury's. There's about four or five of them, though Upton station itself has a standard M box sign. When I do Upton I'll be able to get some shots of my own (yet again you've pre-empted me - you should be writing this thing, not me!)

Robert said...

(yet again you've pre-empted me - you should be writing this thing, not me!)

Oops, sorry! I just get quite excited when I see the old logo pop up anywhere -- it's far better than the boring M-in-circle they use now.

Scott Willison said...

You should come over to Upton then - like I say, there's loads. (Of course even as I type there's probably a load of men with replacement signs legging it there to thwart my ambitions).

Anonymous said...

There used to be a large sign on the roundabout by the Fire Station, not sure if it is still there? M28371M site is great, don't you think?