Sunday 27 January 2008

Where Do We Go From Here?

I'm resisting the urge to continue from the title into You Must Love Me, from Evita, and instead will move on with the post. I thought I'd do a sort of run-down of where I have to go, partly to gather my thoughts, and partly to give myself an idea of where there still is yet to go. If I'm totally honest, this is a sort-of compensation post. I was thinking about going out today, but one look at the Sunday service timetable, plus the massive engineering works and rail replacement buses on the Wirral Line, made me chicken out. So this is a kind of catch all update so I feel like I'm doing something.

Broken down, I've still got the following to do:

Wirral Line:

Main line - Bromborough Rake, Bromborough, Eastham Rake, Hooton
Chester branch - Capenhurst, Chester
Ellesmere Port branch - Little Sutton, Overpool, Ellesmere Port

Northern Line:

Southport branch - Bootle Oriel Road, Bootle New Strand, Seaforth & Litherland, Waterloo, Ainsdale, Hillside, Birkdale, Southport
Ormskirk branch - Town Green, Aughton Park, Ormskirk

City Line:

Main line - Edge Hill, Wavertree Technology Park, Broad Green, Roby, Huyton
Newton-le-Willows section - Whiston, Rainhill, Lea Green, St Helens Junction, Earlestown, Newton-le-Willows
St Helens section - Prescot, Eccleston Park, Thatto Heath, St Helens Central, Garswood

Stations which are in Merseyside, but which are part of other lines, but are on the map, and are therefore teasing me with their presence: Upton, Heswall, Meols Cop, Rainford

So that is 36 stations (possibly 40 - cough) still to do. Not bad - a few weeks work - though I think I'll drag it out a bit to make it interesting. Well, I say "interesting...."


Anonymous said...

God help you if you don't visit when you come to Whiston!

Look out for the mosaic tiling at Huyton, Roby and I think Broad Green stations!

Scott Willison said...

That's the only reason I'm doing the City Line - I suddenly realised I could get a cup of tea en route!

Scott Willison said...

Incidentally I have only just realised that I missed out James Street, Lime Street and Central i.e. three of the most important stations on the network. Whoops!

Anonymous said...

I think you should do them last in a magnificent Merseytart coup de grace.

You should take a look near Lime Street if you have a few minutes though, because as you may know there seems to be a lot of construction work ground on around the outer concourse for this ghastly CoC business... they even served compulsory purchase orders to the series of shops there (The leather shop which had 'closing down' signs around it for over a year straight, and Henry Bohn Books (they were livid))

Blasted link... try to select, copy and paste this whole comment into notepad to get the full link if you can't see it all.

Scott Willison said...

Have to be honest I see the loss of those stores in front of Lime Street as a blow for good and change. When I first moved up North I was baffled to see how they had ruined the impressive Lime St frontage with such a hideous rack of nothing; the fact that the compulsary purchases etc have delayed (and actually ruined) the Lime St Gateway scheme is actually infuriating for me. I am never happy to see a bookstore go under, but here I am totally operating on the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few...